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Thursday, 08 September 2016 06:12

City of Kwinana - John Wellard Community Centre

The John Wellard Community Centre offers a range of creative, educational and social programs, building upon the already radiant Wellard lifestyle.

  • Take part in one of the regular programs, workshops or events;
  • Run your own program, workshop or event;
  • Hire one of the many spaces and run regular community meetings or support services.
So come down - connect, learn​ and create at the John Wellard Community Centre.

Additional Information

  • Type/Category Parks & Recreation
  • Street Address Cnr Runnymede Gate and The Strand
  • Suburb WELLARD
  • State Western Australia
  • Postcode 6170
  • Phone Number (08) 9439 4992
Thursday, 08 September 2016 06:11

City of Kwinana - Zone Youth Space

Zone Youth Space
The Zone Youth Space is a two storey facility catering for young people in Kwinana aged 12 to 24. The facility offers a large range of youth oriented programs, workshops, events and activities every week and throughout the year.

Featuring a multipurpose sports stadium, multimedia facilities, an art area and music rehearsal/performance spaces, the Zone is a youth friendly, safe place where young people can develop new skills, enhance existing abilities and socialise with peers. 

The facility is home to a variety of practical and helpful information and support, a setting where young people can link in with positive services, as well as a social hub in which to relax or play games.

Parking is available at the rear of the facility. A drop off zone is located at the front of the facility for drop off and pick up (no parking allowed in drop off zone).
Cnr Gilmore Avenue and Darius Drive, Kwinana 6167
Ph: 9236 4550

Drop in
The regular zone favourite. Youth aged 12 to 18 years can swing by during these times for a general hang out. Activities include pool, Xbox, internet, basket ball and more!
School term hours
·         Mon to Wed - 2:30pm to 5pm

·         Thurs and Fri - 2:30pm to 9pm

·         Sat - 10am to 5pm

School holiday hours
·         Mon, Tues, Wed and Sat - 10am to 5pm

·         Thurs and Fri - 10am to 9pm

·         Sat - 10am to 5pm

Additional Information

  • Type/Category Parks & Recreation
  • Street Address Cnr Gilmore Ave and Darius Drive
  • Suburb KWINANA
  • State Western Australia
  • Postcode 6167
  • Phone Number (08) 9236 4550
The William Bertram Community Centre offers a range of creative, educational and social programs for use by the local Bertram community and surrounding areas. The space is perfect for:​

  • Taking part in the regular programs, workshops and events run by the centre.
  • Booking one of the great hireable spaces for a one off event, function, party or meeting
  • Holding regular community meetings, group activities or support services in one of the large rooms or in the consultation rooms

Additional Information

  • Type/Category Parks & Recreation
  • Street Address Johnson Rd
  • Suburb BERTRAM
  • State Western Australia
  • Postcode 6167
  • Phone Number (08) 9236 4320
Thursday, 08 September 2016 05:56

City of Kwinana - Darius Wells Centre

Designed as a community meeting place, the Darius Wells offers a unique mixture of not-for-profit agencies, offering tailored community services on the upper level, with a modern and expansive Kwinana Public Library on the ground floor, accompanied by a Dome Café and the Toddler Town Crèche. The entire facility also offers free WiFi!

Additional Information

  • Type/Category Parks & Recreation
  • Street Address Chisham Ave & Robbos Pl
  • State Western Australia
  • Postcode 6167
  • Phone Number (08) 9236 4300
Wednesday, 07 September 2016 04:51

Perth Zoo

The role and purpose of zoos have changed enormously in recent decades. As a modern zoo, Perth Zoo aims to provide visitors with the opportunity to encounter the natural world and to become involved in conservation action.

Our vision, which inspires and directs our work, is for a world where diversity of species and habitats is secure.

Our purpose as an organisation is to actively contribute to conservation. This is done through our research activities, support for wildlife projects, our animal breeding programs particularly breeding animals for release into the wild, wildlife rehabilitation, and partnerships with other groups and organisations. Perth Zoo also actively contributes to conservation through the work of its staff in field conservation, wildlife veterinary training, education programs and interpretation.

We actively work to connect our visitors with ways that they can contribute to conservation.  We do this by using the Zoo as a resource and a learning environment about conservation and environmental sustainability and by providing opportunities for visitor involvement.

Our aims include connecting people with nature, inspiring in people a passion for conservation, and providing links and practical means for people to be active in conservation programs here at the Zoo and beyond our borders.

Additional Information

  • Type/Category Parks & Recreation
  • Street Address 20 Labouchere Rd
  • Suburb SOUTH PERTH
  • State Western Australia
  • Postcode 6151
  • Phone Number (08) 9474 0444
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