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Saturday, 10 December 2016 16:31

National Trust of Australia - Old Farm Strawberry Hill

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Old Farm, Strawberry Hill has exceptional heritage significance. It was the first farm in Western Australia commencing in 1827 within a few months of establishment of the Military settlement of King George Sound.  Stock were kept there and vegetables grown for the survival of soldiers and later the early settlers. A wattle and daub, thatched roof cottage was constructed in 1831 but destroyed by fire in 1870. The two storey granite extension built in 1836 is what is seen today.  At one time the farm extended over 52 hectares. Only 1.2 hectares remain containing the main house building, a cottage built by Charles Miner in 1870 and beautiful grounds with some early plantings. Old Farm, Strawberry Hill lay derelict for many years until it was vested in the National Trust of Australia (WA) in 1964. Substantial conservation works were undertaken before it was opened to the public.

Volunteers give a guided tour of the property and answer questions. There are grounds where students can have lunch and play games. There is an outside stage area for performance and group activities.

All visits to Old Farm, Strawberry Hill link with the Western Australian Curriculum Framework through the Society & Environment learning area. Close links are made to Investigation, Communication and Participation; Time, Continuity and Change and Active Citizenship.

Additional Information

  • Type/Category: Museums
  • Street Address: 174 Middleton Rd,
  • Suburb: Mount Clarence
  • State: Western Australia
  • Postcode: 6330
  • Phone Number: (08) 9841 3735

170-176 Middleton Road
Mount Clarence, Western Australia.
Australia ,6330
(08) 9841 3735